Electrical Circuits

Electrical Circuits are everywhere around us. Computers, Cell Phones, Video Games, Kitchen Appliances, and so on, they all have them. Even the room we’re in right now has a complex electrical installation. Electricity has become one of the main energy storage and transmitting methods used today. A large portion of the energy that we use on a daily bases comes in the form of electrical energy before being converted to motion, light, heat, sound, and so on. Creating electrical circuits requires a lot knowledge and experience. If something goes wrong in the development of an electrical circuit, it can cause large damages to other electronic components and even human losses depending on the size and application. Lucky for us, we have been able to develop computer software applications in which we can create and simulate an electrical circuit even before we buy the parts required. This is a huge advantage that allows not only making sure that the circuit serves its purpose but also that it does it safely even before it is built. In the same way as there are CAD software to help on the design of mechanical systems, this would be like CAD software to help on the design of electrical systems. An example of one of these programs is PSpice. Here is a picture of what a typical schematic might look like in PSpice.


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