Jeep Grand Cherokee vs. Rubicon

If you are looking for a great off-road car, jeep is always a safe bet. However, you might be wondering if you get the same off road performance out of a new Jeep Grand Cherokee  compared to a new Rubicon. Well, I can tell you that both of these vehicles can take you far. However, if you are a serious off-roader, the Rubicon gives you the additional advantage to not only lock your front and rear axle differentials but also to disconnect your sway bar. What does sway bar disconnect mean? Check these following pictures which show how the sway bar disconnect of the Rubicon performs in comparison to the Grand Cherokee.








So, if you are looking for the best off road performance, the Rubicon gives you both sway bar disconnect and axle lock options.



These two options are great for keeping your traction and your wheels on the ground.



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