Thermodynamics is one of those topics that if you are a scientist an engineer or just a curious person, you keep referring back to it several times. One of the reasons for this is that the fundamentals laws of thermodynamics are the bases for most analytical work performed in Science. Whether it is a middle school science project or the most challenging projects today, the laws of thermodynamics help explain and develop key concepts needed to complete these tasks. Scientist and Engineers often use the tools acquired during the learning of thermodynamics in their ongoing work. I have personally found useful these equation sheets that I developed over the years while learning the fundamentals of thermodynamics. I frequently refer back to them.
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I always recommend peers and colleagues to keep a personal record of a topic while they are studying it and working with it. These records help bring back memories if one need to use the information later in life. I keep records like these ones of several topics that I have studied in the past.

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