Company Perks

If you are a company, how do you promote your products and keep your customers happy and loyal? Good customer service and product quality is a big part of customer satisfaction. However, possibilities for extras are endless. Some of them are smart, some of them are funny, but at the end, what matters is whether they work or not. Here are a couple of examples that I thought were interesting.

1) For the past few months we have been ordering products from OMEGA. OMEGA is a worldwide manufacture leader of technical measurement and control products for laboratory and industry use. In our last order of thermocouples, along with the product we got a deck of cards. On each card, they advertise one type of product they offer. I do not play much card games, but I have to say that the idea is clever.


2) THORLABS is a global manufacturer of high quality optical products. We ordered a few filter adaptors and camera lense reducers from them. When we got the order, not only did we get our adaptors and reducers, but also got a little box full of snacks called “Lab Snacks”. All I can say is that when you are working long hours in the lab, a good set of snacks always comes in handy.


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