Franklin Chang’s First Book

Here is a book that I have recently purchased by Franklin R. Chang Diaz. Dr. Chang-Diaz, who received a doctorate in applied physics from MIT in 1977, is a former NASA astronaut and he presently serves as a Chairman, CEO, and President of Ad Astra Rocket Company. In this Company, Dr. Chang-Diaz together with a group of scientists and engineers, are currently getting the VASIMR technology (invented by Dr. Chang-Diaz) ready to be brought to space and to be incorporated in a number of space operations and missions.

This book called “Los Primeros Años” is the first of a trilogy that Dr. Chang-Diaz plans to write about his life. In this book, the reader can find the most relevant memories of the former astronaut while growing up in Costa Rica and Venezuela. The author takes us from his childhood to his adolescence up to the very last day he left from Costa Rica to the United States with the dream to become an astronaut. DSCF3294Dr. Chang-Diaz has always been a role model for me and I found his book to be very inspirational. Thank you Dr. Chang-Diaz for writing this book! Thank you for sharing with us your ups and downs while growing up. Thank you for telling us that it is ok to be human, that it is ok to dream and that more importantly that we should never give up on our dreams.DSCF3293I can’t wait for the next book to come out. In the mean time, I wish Dr. Chang-Diaz and the whole team at Ad Astra Rocket the best on reaching their goal of testing the VASIMR in the International Space Station in the upcoming years.


  1. Pretty cool story, I am more of a generation Y/X kind of guy and while I like the idea of the books, I would like to see someone do a video documentary (with the help of the books) about the life of Dr. Chang.

  2. hey ruan, write something here more often like 2 or 3 times per week, it makes the site more interesting people keep comming back to read if you put more stuff more often