MITx 6.002x

I recently completed a course in Circuits and Electronics (MITx 6.002x). This was an online learning initiative of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), through edX, an online learning initiative of Harvard University and MIT. The course itself was 15 weeks long (including an extra week that was not graded) and consisted of interactive video sequences, textbook readings, homeworks, online laboratories, and optional tutorials.


The course covered a broad range of topics including but not limited to Lumped Abstraction, KVL, KCL, Resistive Networks, Nodal Analysis, Linearity, Superposition, Thevenin and Northon Methods, Digital Abstraction, Boolean Logic, MOS switch and gate, Non-linear Networks, Large and Small Signal Analysis, Dependent Sources, Analog Amplifiers, MOSFET, MOS amplifiers, First and Second Order Systems, RCL Circuits, Digital Memory, Frequency Response, Impedance Methods, Filters, Op-amp and Op-amp Filters, Feedback Stability, and CMOS logic, among others.


The grade consisted of 15% homework, 15% labs, 30% midterm, and 40% comprehensive final exam. Overall the course was very demanding on time but also an excellent learning experience. Here is my grading chart for this course:


Course statistics from the course website: 6.002x had 154,763 registrants. Of these, 69,221 people looked at the first problem set, and 26,349 earned at least one point on it. 13,569 people looked at the midterm while it was still open, 10,547 people got at least one point on the midterm, and 9,318 people got a passing score on the midterm. 10,262 people looked at the final exam while it was still open, 8,240 people got at least one point on the final exam, and 5,800 people got a passing score on the final exam. Finally, after completing 14 weeks of study, 7,157 people have earned the first certificate awarded by MITx, proving that they successfully completed 6.002x.


At the end of the course, students that successfully completed the course received a certificate similar to this one:


Personally, I really enjoyed the course and I was able to strengthen my fundamental EE skills. I believe the course will be offered again soon and I strongly recommend it to anyone interested. However, be prepare to put in the necessary amount of time if you want to be successful.

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