Curiosity Rover Images

It  amazes me to see all the images that the Curiosity Rover is sending back to earth. Sometimes I have to remind myself that these are images taken in a planet that is roughly 183 millions miles away from earth where no human being has ever been before.

Curiosity Image 

Photo Credit: NASA

The quality and resolution of some of these images allows to see Mars in a way we have never seen before. I am very happy that NASA is sharing these images with all of us. In a way, these images allow all of us to be explorers of a new land. I strongly encourage you all to carefully look at these images and see what looks familiar and what looks different compared to Earth. Like the old saying states: an image is worth a thousand words. Those thousand words can be very different for different observers and maybe you will make a discovery yet to be found.

Here a some useful links to Curiosity’s Images:

NASA Photo Gallery

Raw Images


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