Accelerometer App for Android

Here is a great free app for android users. Accelerometer Monitor is an  android app that uses the accelerometer sensor in your smart phone to generate a plot of acceleration vs. time. Since smart phones have a 3-axis accelerometer, the app provides you with 3 components of acceleration (x, y, and z direction). I have been using this app for measuring vibrations for a few days and it works great. In my phone, the app collects data at a rate of approximately 15 Hz (although the sampling rate is not constant and it varies slightly from point to point).

Phone Accelerometer

A very useful feature is that this app allows you to save the data directly to the SD card memory in the phone inside a folder named “accData”.  In addition to the 3 components of acceleration and a differential time stamp at each data point, the saved data contains information about the starting and ending date and time, the resolution of your accelerometer sensor, the type of accelerometer sensor, and the range of the sensor. For example, in my phone, the resolution of my sensor is 0.01197 m/s^2 and acceleration range is +/-19.6 m/s^2.

You can  use your favorite data processing software to extract and visualize your data after extracting the file from your phone. For example, here is a Microsoft Office Excel plot of a set of data that I took after shaking my phone by hand in x (left to right), then y (forward and backward), and finally z (up and down) directions.


This app seems to be in Google Play under two different names since there is another identical app named Vibration Monitoring. Both of these apps are made by Mobile Tools.

Phone Vibration Meter

As mentioned in the overview section of these apps, uses for the app includes:

“-shows vibrations in real time
- saves vibration data into SD card (*zip file also supported)
- provides configurable sound alarm that may be used to:
- detect the earthquakes when you sleep
- detect if somebody opens the door when you sleep“

Very useful app. If you have need for such a measurement, I recommend you check this app out.


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