Syma S107G R/C Helicopter

Winter is just around the corner and we might find ourselves spending more time indoors than most of us would like. This seems like an appropriate time to pick up a fun indoor activity such as flying a remote control helicopter. The Syma S107G is a fun, cost effective, and easy to fly option. I bought mine from Amazon a few weeks ago and for having no prior experience with RC helicopters, this is as easy as it gets to fly.


The remote control is very intuitive, and the gyro technology make the helicopter very stable during flight. Since the helicopter is designed for indoor use, the controller uses infrared LEDs for communication and thus, there is no need for antennas.


The helicopter comes with a USB charger. This is a very convenient option since it allows me to use my PC or any other USB charging device to charge the helicopter. Charging takes about 30-40 minutes and once it is charged, a red indicator light turns on in the USB charging cable. The helicopter can be flown for about 6 to 7 minutes when fully charged.


When a USB charger is not easily available, you can also charge your helicopter using a charging cord that comes with the remote control. The controller itself takes 6 AA batteries.


Overall, I am very happy with this little toy. It is well constructed, it’s hold its integrity despite many crashes, and it continues to be as fun to fly as the first day.




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