Optical Surface Profiling

Optical surface profilers use scanning white light interferometry to provide fast, non-contact, and high precision 3 dimensional metrology of surface topography. Profile heights ranging from sub-nanometer scale to millimeter scale are possible with this technology. An example of this technology is the NewView 7300 by Zygo Corporation. Here is an example surface profile taken by a Zygo NewView 7300 of the back surface of a USA penny coin (Lincoln cent). Note that this profile was taken with a 5X objective and 1X zoom and it consist of several profiles stitched together which can easily be done using the Zygo’s software MetroPro®.

Contour Map:Contour

3D view 1:


3D view 2:


You can even see the Lincoln Statue inside the memorial


In addition  to contour maps and 3D views, you can also obtain an intensity mapIntensityMap2

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