Statistical Data Analysis: R

R is a free command based software environment for statistical computing and graphics. R is widely used by statisticians, data miners, researchers, and educators for performing and teaching statistical analysis of data. Over the years I have used several programming languages to perform statistical analysis of data, including Minitab and MATLAB. What I like most about R is the combination of its very powerful capabilities as well as being a free software that allows me to use it anywhere and any time with the advantage of being able to reuse code from one project to another. The community of R users is large and there is a lot of help available online.

R logo

Coming with a background in MATLAB, I prefer to use R in combination with RStudio, which is an integrated development environment for R. Here is a very short introduction to R which will have you up and running with R in no time.

Here is a screenshot  example of an R script


And here is the plot that it generateRplot

If you need help switching to the R environment from other languages such as MATLAB, you can find some help here.

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