Maze Game in C#

Computer programming literacy seems to be a necessity nowadays. Even as a mechanical engineer, I have done a fair amount of computer programming in several languages including: MATLAB, LabVIEW, EES, and R among others. I have programmed simple apps for android using MIT App Inventor and Android Studio. I even remember programming a game called MasterMind in C++ and Visual Basic during my second term of college. However, despite my somewhat broad range of programming experience, I feel I know very little about programming. Recently, I decided to broaden my programming knowledge further by programming in C#. For this, I downloaded Microsoft Visual Studio which is a great integrated development environment for different programming languages including C#. I followed this tutorial and made a Maze game.  The goal of the game is to navigate the mouse cursor from the “Start” to “Finish” without touching the blue walls. Click the image below and give it a try (windows users only). Note that only the point of the mouse cursor is not allowed to touch the blue walls.



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