Probability Calculator

Quick, Easy, and Simple to use Probability Calculator.

Step 1: Select your probability distribution

Probability Calculator

Step 2: Type in the required information

Binomial Distribution

Step 3: Read the desired probability


All probability options are explicitly computed so there is no need to perform calculations, which could lead to silly mistakes. Simply read your answer off the chart.

Over 20 commonly use probability distribution functions are included:

Discrete Data

Continuous Data

Continuous Data (Inverse)



-Inverse Normal

-Critical Binomial

-Standard Normal

-Inverse Standard Normal

-Negative Binomial


-Inverse LogNormal



-Inverse Beta



-Inverse Chi-Squared



-Inverse F


-Inverse Student’s t

-Student’s t



Runs on familiar Microsoft Excel environment

The probability calculator is recommended for:

  • Students
  • Technical professionals
  • Six Sigma practitioners
  • Data driven individuals
  • Decision makers

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User must have Excel 2007 or higher to use this software.

Disclaimer: The author is not responsible for, and expressly disclaims all liability for, damages of any kind arising out of use, reference to, or reliance on any information provided by this calculator. While the information contained and provided by the calculator is believed to be correct, no guarantee is given that the information provided is correct, complete, and up-to-date.

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