Access your Raspberry Pi from Anywhere

The Raspberry Pi is such a small, versatile, and cost-effective computer that it has found several uses in multiple applications. The Raspberry Pi’s ability to interact with the physical world through its GPIO makes it the perfect computer for Makers and DIY projects. For these reasons, it is not uncommon to have several Raspberry Pi computers located in different geographical areas performing a variety of tasks. Therefore, there is naturally a need, especially for IoT applications, to securely access the Raspberry Pi over the internet from anywhere and any time. A very effective method that I have been now reliably using for a couple of months is a FREE service provided by Weaved. I first came across this option on and I learned more on The installation process was simple. I installed the SSH service as well as the VNC service. On my PC at home, I use PuTTY to access my Raspberry Pi using SSH. For the VNC service, which allows me to interact with the Raspberry Pi’s GUI, I use TightVNC which works great. A great thing about SSH is that it allows you to use FileZilla for file management and transfer. I have been using the FileZilla software to transfer images taken by a USB camera connected to the Raspberry Pi.

Once you have completed the installation process described here or here, you should be able to login to Weaved and see your services online:


I strongly recommend that you change your Raspberry Pi password to something other than the default password for increased security.

If you select the SSH service, you will be given the following information:



And the information for VNC acces looks like this:


More information on using Weaved with PuTTY and FileZilla can be found HERE. My next IoT project using the Raspberry Pi will most likely involve the use of WebIOPi which can also be accessed using Weaved.

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