Excel Gage R&R Macro

A Gage R&R is a measurement system capability study whose purpose is to assess how much variation is associated with a measurement system and to compare it to the total process variation or tolerance.  The gage variation is divided into two main groups: Repeatability and Reproducibility, thus the name Gage R&R.  Repeatability is the variation obtained by the same person using the same instrument on the same product for repeated measurements (within operator). Reproducibility is the variation obtained due to differences in people who are taking the measurements (between operators). There are multiple software tools that would run a Gage R&R analysis including QuantumXL, Minitab, JMP, MATLAB, R, and many others. However, it has been my experience that often engineers do not feel comfortable with the results due to a lack of clarity on how the variance components were computed. While it is possible to perform a Gage R&R in a tool as simple as Excel using ANOVA, these calculations are numerous and tedious. It is for this reason that I created an Excel Gage R&R Macro, which does not only compute the variance components but also shows the math used to compute them within the excel file. These calculations can be used by engineers to get more familiar with the variance component calculations.

This link will take you to my personal one drive where you can download the file "Anova_GageR&R_Rev0"

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